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Enthusiam is what I am looking for. Bring it to every session and you’ll leave with great results!


I bring an energy to my clients in our sessions and I encourage you to bring your energy too!


I want to unlock your maximum potential. Let me help you achieve your goals!


Mark Edwards, a former Warrant Officer in the Royal Marines has enjoyed a highly successful and distinguished military career spanning twenty five years.

Mark first became involved in fitness and martial arts when he joined the Royal Marines undertaking the rigorous unarmed combat syllabus during commando training and also became a keen amateur boxer.

In 2006 Mark discovered Krav Maga and was instantly hooked and has trained extensively to become a high-level instructor. As a former Royal Marines Chief Instructor Mark is a seasoned trainer qualifying at the highest level as a military instructor and mentor.

During his career, he was involved in training potential Commandos, NCOs’ and Young Officers at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. It was as a senior instructor that Mark became interested in personal development and peak human performance and migrated to teaching in the adult further education sector gaining a Certificate In Education with Plymouth University.

As well as qualifications in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training Mark is also a fully licensed Level 5 Self Defence Instructor with the British Krav Maga Association and believes that good fitness and self-defence training should be evidence based, demanding, enjoyable and accessible to everyone. Beginners are always welcome.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

After the first session I was really impressed with Mark’s teaching and the friendly atmosphere created by him and his group of students. He and his class were very welcoming and I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get involved with the techniques being taught and then practised.
After Mark had spent a little extra time with me at the next couple of training sessions to help bring me up to speed with the rest of his students I was able to take part in a range of different techniques that were being taught and practised. The training has always been friendly and Mark himself is very relaxed in the way he explains techniques and advises his students. However he ensures that you work to the best of your ability so you get maximum gain from each class (which ensures you get value for money).

Geoff H Bridgwater

My experience Mark started when I was looking for a new evening class. At 52 I was a woman thinking along the lines of a little light yoga for beginners. My son, ever the optimist, suggested Marks classes, motivated by having someone to train with.
Mark’s classes have been a revelation – inspiring, empowering, challenging and incredibly rewarding. He has the ability to convey techniques and the theory behind them in a way that is accessible to everyone. Each move is described, demonstrated, and then practised by the class.
During every part of the class Mark takes the time, quietly and unobtrusively, to assess each and every participant’s actions, commending the good points, tactfully adjusting the more wobbly ones and assigning a specific aspect to work on.
This positive, constructive feedback serves both as a motivator and a teaching technique at its best. Mark has also engendered a rare ethos within his class, that of genuine mutual support – from my first lesson my fellow students have been very welcoming, friendly and always willing to take the time to help. (Special thanks to Natali, Michelle, and Chris)

Nicky J Taunton

Hey Mark, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your online classes these past few weeks. Although sometimes my muscles disagree, I have absolutely enjoyed doing them so many times a week and even the early morning sessions (I don’t even get up that early for work usually!!).
Its a massive help right now, not only physically but mentally too and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and everything you’ve done to bring the gang together and ensure we can still train. Really really big thank you!!

Ellis C Bridgwater


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